Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day!

Or, as we like to call it in these here parts, "Happy Day To Sit Around Watching Movies And/Or Reading In Front Of The Wood Stove, Doing Nothing More Strenuous Than Making Another Pot Of Tea!" Tomorrow we fight the crowds, but today is all about the recovery and the regrouping for tomorrow's efforts.

Everything has been just dandy so far. Except for the rain - I think I speak for everyone in Niagara when I say the rain is something we could have done without. Last night, I engaged in a ritual I've performed every year since I was in elementary school - staying up until well after midnight to read in bed. I finished The Kite Runner (which made me weepy in parts and gave me sad dreams afterwards), and am tackling Valley of the Dolls right now.

Otherwise, I'll be posting in drips and drabs for the rest of the week, unless I get myself somewhere I can use high speed on my laptop. Have a great day!