Friday, December 09, 2005

Join the posse!*

A while back, I suggested that I was looking for volunteers to join my posse, and we'd be called the Inco 89 (because I'd just seen Kill Bill, and it was going to be based on the Crazy 88, yada yada yada). Since then, I've had a few more volunteers, but we're still not up to full strength.

Let me assure you, we will not be going around terrorizing people with pointy things, or causing general mayhem. Oh no. Instead, we'll just travel around, causing mirth and merriment in our wake. We'll show up, entertain you for a while, maybe make cookies and watch movies and stuff, and then we'll be on our way. See? Harmless!

So, what I'm doing is putting together a map of everyone who either wants to be a part of the posse, or wants us to visit them. If you go here, stick a pin on the map and let us know where you are.

* Subtitle: I haven't met a bandwagon that I didn't like