Saturday, December 31, 2005

Where did the year go?

Happy New Year's Eve! Or, as we like to call it, "Happy Fall Asleep On The Couch Before
10:30PM!" Yes, we have funny names for things 'round here.

I wish I had something retrospective to post here, but I don't. Not yet, at any rate. All I could really do is talk about the books I read this year, except that I don't have the list of them with me, so.... And the bulk of the music I downloaded this year is on my computer back in the frozen north, so.... There are also the movies, but they're all a blur, so....

I will leave you with this. I wish all of you the best and brightest New Year's. I wish all of you good luck and good fortune and good health, and success in any endeavor you undertake this coming year. I wish for you patience, grace, wisdom, and security. May your hair turn no grayer than it already is (unless that's your wish), and your nose hairs stay short. In short, a thousand blessings on you and yours.

Now, go out and have fun tonight!