Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ten minutes for looking soooo good

Heh. I was reading something about Maurice Richard yesterday, and they referenced that line from the commercial he was in. I can't remember the product to save my life, but the tag line is now embedded in my brain.

Last night I spent the WHOLE FRICKIN' NIGHT dreaming about competitions and challenges and puzzles and races and games and teamwork, and this morning I'm exhausted. I put in at least three days work last night - can I stay home today? No? Rats. (It's related to running around trying to get things done before I head south for the holidays.)

I won't say my Christmas shopping is completely finished, because every time I do, I find something else to do. So I will leave it at all the major stuff is done. Now I just need to finish making the gift bags.

What else? I have five minutes left...

I'm picking the books to take home with me. I have a nice little stack on my table right now, but I don't think it's the final list right now. Holidays on Ice (David Sedaris) is definitely coming, as is Valley of the Dolls (Jacqueline Susann). I'm thinking of brining Close Range (Annie Proulx) so I can re-read the story that was just recently made into a movie.

Wow - iTunes just played me a Scissor Sisters song. It hasn't done that in a while - thanks!

I am addicted to mint tea. Never liked the stuff, but now I'm hooked. I drink, like, three cups (at least) a day. Is that a bad thing?

Damn, I guess I should go get read for work now.