Friday, January 27, 2006

Come into the kitchen - I'm just making a pot of tea

To everyone who's found their way here from one of the various Knitting Olympic blogs* where I'm also participating: Hi! Come in! I'm not really making tea, since it's late and it will probably keep me up for the rest of the night, but if you want something to drink, I'll see what I can do. Please excuse the wonky colour scheme and haphazard attempt at font standardization - I'm working on both at the moment and hope to have something new before I turn 80.

* Specifically, the Hurry Hard Handwarmalong, which I'm co-sponsoring, and Team Canada, in which I'm posting also.

(For everyone else, I'll try and keep the knitting angst to a minimum over here.)

Because I enjoy the experience of having lost my mind a while back, I'm thinking of joining Team Wales (motto: "The Jamaican Bobsledders of the Knitting World") for the Knitting Olympics. I'm not Welsh - not even close! - but I had a friend in grad school who was, and I have a Super Furry Animals CD. Does that count?

In non-knitting news... wait, where was I going with this? I have notes all over about things I want to post about, but I can't remember which ones were the important ones, that I need to get down before I forget them completely, or fall asleep. Which, really, is the same thing.

Okay - here's something I was thinking about this afternoon. When people ask me what I like the most about living in Sudbury, lately the answer hasn't been "the weather." For example:

Thursday morning, when I went out to my car, the temperature was hovering around -15, or below -24 with the windchill. And - as a good Canadian - I would like to point out that this was a dry cold, which means it's very crisp. My nostrils froze, the soles of my boots froze, and any exposed skin got rather nippy. There were a few difficult moments opening the rear driver's side door because the damn thing had froze shut again.

Friday? At noon? It's +4 out there. All the ice is melting, and there is slush and ice packs everywhere, which means my evening walk will be an absolute joy as I dodge puddles and half-melted ice. And it's all going to freeze again on Sunday. Wonderful!

I went to see Brokeback Mountain again tonight, right after work. Since it was an early show, there was no group of obnoxious teenagers sitting behind me talking all the way through the movie. In fact, I was the youngest person there! To prepare for this second viewing, I reread the short story last night and this confirmed my suspicion that the movie was an outstanding adaptation. I'm almost tempted to read something by Larry McMurty now.

And with that, I'm officially too tired to think of anything else.