Thursday, January 19, 2006

Liner notes

I'm doing a CD exchange with a friend, and here are the liner notes for the disc I made:

A Good Idea (Sugar) - best song from high school years. Great bass line.

Luckily I Keep My Feathers Numbered For Just Such An Emergency (King Cobb Steelie) - Chaos never sounded so funky.

Come Ova (Bumblebeez 81) - I believe I've mentioned this one before. Still buzzes along quite nicely.

Ages & Stages (The Meligrove Band) - So new, it still has that new-song smell to it. What happens when you give the emo kids instruments of mass distraction.

Feels Just Like It Should (with New Middle 8) (Jamiroquai) - Recreational drug use has never sounded so funky.

Galang 05 (M.I.A.) - If more people danced to this song instead of fought wars, the world would be a better place.

Stand Back (Stevie Nicks) - Do not piss her off. Ever.

Northern Lights (Super Furry Animals) - Just when you thought the Welsh were all about Dylan Thomas, it turns out they like bossanovas, too.

When I Get To The Border (Linda and Richard Thompson) - Everything will get better when you get to the border.

Tiger Lily (Luna) - My theme song throughout high school.

Baby (Martha Wainwright) - Fragile. Oh so fragile. Like spun sugar castles.

The Grace (Neverending White Lights featuring Dallas Green) - I'm still in awe.

Decara a la Pased (Lhasa) - Best saved for rainy days.

Oleander (Sarah Harmer) - An Apalachian-esque ode to a plant.

Get Up (Starkicker) - Long before Alexisonfire and The Trews, there was Starkicker.

Workin' Class Blues (Zildo Ildo) - Are you pushing the paper or is the paper pushing you?

Size of a Cow (Wonderstuff) - Please make sure your tongue is firmly in cheek and your trays are locked in the upright position.

Angel of Montgomery (Leslie Split Tree-o) - Another oldie. Country after a hard night's drinking.

Pressure Drop (Toots & the Maytals) - Ending it on a mellow note.