Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday night mind-dump

I've just finished a really intense week, where you have to sit still for hours at a time. No checking your email or switching tasks or playing with your hula hoop when you need a break.

(I know - I heard the collective ".....hula hoop? WTF?" Yes, I have a hula hoop in my office for when moments of writer's block set in, or when I need to be distracted.)

So, my brain has kind of gone into hibernation. I was in need of retail therapy this afternoon, so off to my favourite enabler - Chapters!

What I got (Magical Thinking, Choice: The Best of Reason) is not so notable as what I didn't get.
  • Busted Flush, the latest by Brad Smith, whose All Hat was pretty a good novel about racing and real estate, set around my hometown.
  • Bellydance, by Dolphina, who has some excellent tapes about bellydancing.
  • Haunted hillbilly by Derek McCormack, a story about Hank Williams and a vampire - it's actually quite good.
  • Sarah by J.T. LeRoy, mostly because I couldn't find it.
  • Various manga, mostly because I couldn't remember which ones TangognaT has been recommending lately.
Sellevision and Running with Scissors went to Thunder Bay with a collegue, who has been instructed to read them and pass them along. It was only after she left that I recalled telling my mother I'd bring them home for her to read. Rats!

Oh, also - good luck to Team Jakubo at the Canadian Men's Curling Championship in Edmonton next week. They're the team representing Northern Ontario and they're based out of the same club where I curl on Monday nights. One of the guys on the team totally laughed his ass off at me when I ended up sprawled all over the ice the first time I tried to curl back in October. (I was killing myself too, and he made sure I was okay before cracking up.) Good luck, guys! SWEEP! HURRY HARD!