Thursday, February 17, 2005

It's 6:30am, and I'm up. And I'm listening to something called "The Windmills of your Mind" and I'm getting dizzy

Last night I heard the Worst Version Ever of "Street Fighting Man" by Rod "Honk If You Think I'm Sexy" Stewart. I mean, it was terrible, just awful - he made no attempt to make it sound anything like the original until the very last verse, and then he did the vocal gymnastics. Too little, too late.

If he had made it better by covering it*, I could forgive him. However, he made it worse, he mocked it, and for that I can't excuse him.

(And I 'm up because I was having an annoying dream. I was visiting my parents, and I was taking the bus back to Sudbury. When I got to the terminal, I realized I'd forgotten most of my stuff - all I had was my briefcase, my makeup bag, and my t-shirt. The most frustrating thing? I'd forgotten all my reading material, so I was looking at a six-hour bus ride without anything to do except socialize with my fellow passengers. That's what made me wake up weeping.)

*There are not many examples of songs being made better or more interesting by being covered. Tori Amos' version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is one example. Marilyn Manson's cover of "These Dreams" is another (oh shush - I liked it!). Johnny Cash doing "Hurt" is a good example.

Remember kids! All of this is my opinion only!