Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Thank god that's over!

It's a good thing that I decided not to post yesterday. I was in a downright foul mood last night, but I hadn't been that way all day. There were a few incidents, like crushing the prongs on the extension cord for my block heater, that made me wish I'd not gotten up. The weather wasn't co-operating either - it was snowing when I got up (ooohhh pretty!), but it was freezing rain by the time I got to work, and then it started to rain shortly after (ummm... not so pretty).

Curling pretty much bit the big one. Even though we were on sheet 4, which is my favourite sheet, we lost big time. I missed several big shots and fouled up a few more, in addition to turning the air blue on a few occasions. Plus I was tired and bored and cold and stiff.

(Sheet 4 is my favourite because of the vaguely naughty advertisement at the one end. I know they're probably pieces of mining equipment, but "scissor lifts" and "man booms" sound like they wouldn't be out of place in a well-stocked S&M dungeon.)

I was also stressed out about a thing I had to do after work tonight (work-related so... yeah, no details.) It went better than I expected. Plus, I was listening to Phillip Cairns' Mud Songs Webcast when I got home, so I'm much more mellow now.

So, to summarize: I did nothing special for V-Day. Go me.