Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Scotchtoberfest!

By the time you read this, it will be tomorrow (today being Thursday night). I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy Scotchtoberfest, and to remind you to celebrate it responsibly.

So, now you're probably thinking, "Pray tell, what is Scotchtoberfest?" From the Wikipedia entry,

Scotchtoberfest is a fake Scottish festival which was featured in the episode "Bart's Girlfriend". It was invented by Principal Seymour Skinner to catch Bart red-handed in the act of perpetrating a prank, as is Bart's perennial wont. Groundskeeper Willy, the Scottish school janitor, plays the bagpipes whilst wearing a kilt. Bart lifts his kilt with helium balloons, and since Willy wears his kilt without underpants, at least one woman faints at the sight.

"There's no such thing as Scotchtoberfest. You used me Skinner, you used me!" exclaims Willie, realizing he's been had.

Since its appearance, some (it's pretty-much limited to groups of friends sharing the joke round somebody's house) Scots have made Scotchtoberfest into a real festival, held on the third Friday of every October. For most people who celebrate it, it is simply "a celebration of all things Scottish". Another variation is to combine elements of Highland Games and Oktoberfest, with "Scottish" and "German" Pavillions. It is a pun on the Bavarian Oktoberfest.

(As found in the entry, "List of neologisms on The Simpsons")

I'm trying to decide on a menu for my Scotchtoberfest celebrations - I'm thinking haggis and sauerkraut. Or deep-fried Mars bars and bratwurst. Definitely beer.

Whatever you end up doing, take pictures or leave me a comment outlining how you spent your Scotchtoberfest. Ach nien!

(Speaking of strange and odd festivities... on December 7th, there will be a birthday party for Tom Waits at The Townehouse. They've been doing this for ten years now, and it sounds like a blast. Karen, New Guy, and I will be going for sure.)