Sunday, October 02, 2005

The rest of the weekend went something like this...

Lest I left you with the impression after the last post that I intended to get nothing else done (which is what I fully expected as well - sitting down in front of the computer while in the middle of doing stuff is the kiss of death for any ambitions I may harbor), I did actually manage to do a couple of other things.

I spent two hours cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. This includes scrubbing fixtures and floors. After that, I napped for a long time, got up, etc.

After dinner was made, I watched a couple of movies, ate, and knitted. The first movie was Touch of Pink, which was a sweet, fluffy, unconventional love story. Worth it to see Kyle MacLachlan do Cary Grant. Also? The actor who played Giles is utterly adorable, and is playing Wayne Gretzky in an upcoming biopic. Awwwww....

And - I'm telling you this so you don't make the same mistake - Dracula 3000? Worst. Vampire. Movie. Ever*. So bad, it completely knocks Polish Vampire in Burbank out of the spot its held for over ten years now. (Please don't ask how I came to know of the existence of PVIB. It's something that my therapist and I agreed should never be spoken of.)

* Karen, we may need to see this just so you can hear me cry, "Sweet baby Jesus! He's not really wearing a cape and a cravat on a space ship, is he?"

Fleece Artist sock kit sock progress update:

Fleece Artist sock kit sock update

Like I mention in the note attatched to the pic, the yarn was doing a very lovely twisty stripe pattern on the cuff part, but once I started on the main sock part, it's now doing a very unattractive pooling thing. Part of me wants to rip it back and continue with the ribbing for the whole sock to see if the twisty stripe is maintained. But another part of me would resent ripping back all that work to experiment, especially when I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't work.

Today was spent reading two books that came in through ILLO yesterday. They took so little time that I didn't have time to post them. Oh well. I'm assembling another book list, which should include our book club book. Or maybe not. We'll see. And that list I promised to post a while back? It's done, just not posted.

(Because it's sort of relevant - I used Book Collector to make up the list, and I also use it to keep track of the books in my collection. There is a lookup function which makes it easy to add material - you can search by author/title or ISBN. Much has been made of Library Thing recently on library/librarian-related blogs, but I've been using BC for some time now, and like it. I'm not so much interested in sharing what's in my collection as I am interested in keeping track of what's there, and being able to sort it and do geeky things, like track characters and cover artists. It's all a matter of preference, but I have heard a lot of good things about LT, and the first 200 books (as opposed to 100 in BC) are free. Then it's $10, as opposed to $25 (US) (or $40 for the Professional version, which is what I have).)

What else? The train of thought seems to have left the station and neglected to update the timetable... oh yes.

More reading, some groceries, and getting cleaned up to go see Corpse Bride with what was supposed to be a genuine posse (Karen, Sheridan, Shane, Kris, Kevin, maybes from Jeff and the new co-worker, and myself), but ended up begin just Karen and I. A very disappointing movie - sure, the animation was spectacular, but the plot was weak and the story thin. Mostly, I tried to nap during the dull bits (which was most of it) but couldn't because it was so loud.

Afterwards, more reading, tea, and puttering around online.