Saturday, October 01, 2005

Even if I get nothing else accomplished...

...I'm pretty happy with my weekend so far.


Flora update

I dug up the Herb Tarleks, which were finished (except for the chives, which are now repotted), emptied the box, and got all the potting soil into a container for winter storage. The Rosemary Tarleks died suddenly before I could do anything with them, and for some reason, the Mint followed shortly after. The Oregano Tarleks never did that well, but I did get some use out of them.

I also repotted the lemon geranium, the two eucalyptus plants (in one long clay pot now), and a rosemary plant I got at the market a few weeks ago. This is something that needed to be done weeks ago, but I finally bit the bullet and did it today. It's lovely out there - a nice breeze and slightly warm.

As well, I went to see Serenity last night. Holy cow! I've never had my emotional chain yanked so hard in so many directions at once, and never have I enjoyed the experience more. I loved it, and would enthusiastically encourage others to see it, even though I'm not sure how much someone who had never seen the show would get out of it. It's better than the last few Star Wars movies, at any rate.

The opening shot on the ship was useful. In it, Mal and Simon are arguing about something, but as they are doing so, they are moving from place to place on the ship. It's one continuous shot, and gives the viewer a good idea about the size of the ship (not very big), and function (minimalist, thrift store-type furniture in the gathering areas). This is no pleasure craft, nor is it a sleek and sexy computer-generated image of a ship. As well, some of the effects from the series, like the shaky hand-held camera shots, the shifting focus of the camera lens, and the true silence of outer space, were used in the movie, but not as often.

The characters are the same as they ever were, and nothing had really changed in how they related to and interacted with each other. Stuff happens (I won't say what), and it took a good few minutes to sink in and stop saying, "That isn't as bad as they think it is, right? They're all going to make it out again, right? No? Oh. Crap."

It's a fabulous movie - go see it! And, if you need to go with someone who knows what's going on and has seen the series, then I'll go with you!