Sunday, October 23, 2005

Things I have done this weekend that I am pleased with

Packed up my summer clothes. Hey, it snowed Thursday - I think it's time.

Unpacked my winter clothes.

Before I put the summer clothes into the bins, and before I put the winter stuff in the closet and drawers, I sorted through it all and pulled stuff that I haven't worn, won't wear, and/or doesn't fit. I bagged it all, along with the pile of stuff that's been sitting in a crate in the corner of my room, ready to take to Value Village.

Posted two more book reviews. I'm pleased with them. And yes, they're out of order - I may have mentioned that pretending to post them on the date I finished them was displeasing to me, but I can't remember why. Meh.

Movies I watched this weekend - The Magnificent Seven and In Her Shoes. Both were pretty good.