Sunday, June 18, 2006

Honey, I'm a roll of concrete clover

We'll start with the new tonight:

The spider plant has a new shoot coming out from the middle.

Spider plant - new growth

Its colour is also much better than it was when I brought it home. At first, it was a pale green, but it's a much healthier green now.

The basil is getting stronger. I may need to stake it up soon.


And what's the general consensus on how to pronounce it - BAH-zil or BAY-sil?

The roses continue to show off.


There are a few new buds coming along, but not nearly enough to replace the ones which are finished now. Ah well.

On a down note, the flowers on the one portulaca are finished. I pinched one of the dead flowers and the water was dark scarlet. There's one new bud on that plant, and another new one on the other.

The sage plant doesn't appear to be all that happy.


The picture's kind of blurry, but some of the leaves are turning yellow. I may turn the planter around and give them some more time in the sun.