Sunday, June 11, 2006

I never promised you a rose garden

Week two! And no dead plants!

Earlier this week, I bought a sage plant to round out the Herb Tarleks.

Sage joins the lineup

I moved one of the rosemary plants forward, so both are in the front, and put the sage in the empty spot. So far, so good - both plants are doing well, and the rosemary doesn't appear to be suffering from its move.

On Thursday night, I finally planted the roses.


They're doing well so far.


Some of the buds are pink, and others are orange, but they're all pretty.


Everyone else seem to be in good shape. The lavender exploded on Monday, and now there are seven or eight flowers on the one plant. The other two have several buds.


Only one of the portulaca is flowering, but the other one has a bud.


And the rest are healthy, too.


Friday night, there was a frost warning. The temperature went down to the low single digits (!!!), so I brought all the plants inside.

Plant party!

We had a blast! We watched a couple of episodes of Angel, an episode of Supernatural, and part of a Rufus Wainwright concert DVD. There was talk of making popcorn, but no one was ambitious enough to actually get up and do it. Later, I had to get up once or twice in the middle of the night to tell them to keep the noise down, and in the morning I had to break up an argument between the basil and one of the cosmos about whether a flush beats a straight in poker (...yes?) They stayed in again last night because it was still too cold to put them out, but there was much less noise. The Lavender Ladies wanted to join in the book club this afternoon (I was hosting this time) but since they hadn't read the book, they didn't really have anything useful to contribute.

And thus ends this update.