Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'll show you mine

1. My Dye-O-Rama yarn came yesterday!

Dye-o-Rama yarn, from your greenery to mine!

This colourway is called Peach Sunset, and was dyed by the lovely and talented Linz of Linz Knits. Since she posted a photo of the yarn resting in her greenery, I thought I'd return the favour and show it hanging out with mine - the ivy, lavenders, and spider plants. The blue yarn is some Lorna's Laces, which I'm thinking will make a lovely cozy for Gretchen (the Mini iPod), and a square for Justin's afghan.

2. Kittens!

Love me - I'm cute!

Note to Giselle: there are more on my Flickr page.

3. Last year some time, I posted a picture I took of a double rainbow. Someone commented that double rainbows were rare. Guess what I saw last night?

Another double rainbow!

It's not as strong as last year's, but it's there.