Sunday, March 12, 2006

Be Aggressive! B-E Aggressive!

This past weekend was the annual shinny tournament, hosted by my sister and b-i-l. And once again, it was a blast. Unlike last year, there was no snow - in fact, it was sunny and warm enough that some participants didn't wear their jackets. Also this year, my sister in Owen Sound couldn't make it, and I'm not aggressive enough to try and steal Denise's hat and fill it with mud. Plus, she wasn't wearing a hat.

This year, the winner of the Furthest Distance Traveled to get to the game went to a friend of Mike's sister, who came all the way from New Zealand. Not specifically for the tournament, but it definitely beat the Ottawa contingent by a few miles.

In a change of pace, the post-game meal wasn't chili this time - it was lasagna and peirogies, both homemade. There was much feasting and groaning, and much, much discussion about what bar(s) to hit Saturday night. Once again, it was an argument I didn't participate in, since I went home with the couple at whose house I was staying. Breakfast this morning was another feast, and the drive home was alternately sunny and foggy, but I made it home nonetheless.

And here is your 2006 Shinny Team - we forgot to decide on team names this year.