Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Important life lessons

This goes out to Julie, J. and Bex (and Karen T.!): since we're all turning 30 this year, one of us has to hit that magic number first. And, lucky for you, it's me.

In our 30th year, we're going to learn a lot of important lessons along the way, so let me share the first lesson I learned as a 30-year-old:

If you're going to start baking at 11:30, make sure you're not too tired to read the recipe carefully. Otherwise, you'll have the batter in the pan and be thinking, "Huh. This stuff is awful thick," before realizing you forgot the cup of boiling water that gives the batter a more batter-like consistency. Then you have to scrape it back into the bowl, getting the batter (which has the consistency of marshmallows at this point) all over the counter, the floor and, mysteriously, in your hair*.

* That last one may be unique to me. I'm talented - what can I say?