Friday, March 24, 2006

May be worth mentioning

Since I didn't have to be at work first thing this morning, I was going to write about how I taped the men's long program at the World Figure Skating championships last night and watched them when I got home (since I didn't have to be up early, but we've already visited this point. Moving along....)

I would have mentioned how sick to death I am of the CBC showing Dubreuil and Lauzon's wicked fall at the Olympics. We. Get. It. She fell and was hurt badly. Every time I watch that clip, my hip throbs in sympathy.

I would have mentioned how every time Evan Lyscek skates, he always seems to be at death's door. Fractured hip? A case of the flu requiring IV? A serious upper respiratory infection? Check, check, check.

Also worth mentioning was how shocked I was that Sandhu managed to skate relatively well. And how awful I felt for Buttle. And how when the announcer mentioned Weir was skating with back spasms, I felt myself seizing up. (When he fell and didn't get up right away? I started whispering, "please get up! Please get up!" Having been there, done that on several occasions in the past, I know the feeling.)

Other things I would have mentioned:
That I have to get the oil changed in my car.

That there's a flapping sound when I apply the brake, but I won't because then I'll get the parental phone call, "What kind of sound? How long? What is it?" (Like... flapping. Since Monday or Tuesday. I'm not sure - maybe the antilock brakes?)

To Cynthia - I promise I'm going to do that meme! I'm halfway done already!

But, since I was pokey and didn't get around to any of this before work today, I guess I won't.