Thursday, March 16, 2006

Normally, I don't obsess over my stats that much. I average about 150 - tops! - visitors a week, and I'm pretty cool with that.

I get my stats notification this week and look at the numbers. Over 200? And starting on Monday, it completely exploded - from and average 20 visits a day to almost 60? What gives? Checking the logs, it appears there's a large number of visitors coming from the CBC website, specifically, The Hour. Huh?

Apparently, if you link to their web site, they link back to you, which is pretty cool. Very nice of them, in fact. I'm tickled by the attention I've been getting. Tickled, I say. Hee hee! That tickles! Stop...stop tickling! I CAN'T BREATH!

*Whew*! That's better! Thanks guys! You rawk!

(And hi to all the new visitors!)

(And I'm still on the road. Tales of my various flights, hotel adventures, and pictures to follow sometime soon.)

(Aaaaaaand, because sometimes I'm a complete and utter spaz, I accidentally just posted this to the Team Canada blog. Gah!)