Saturday, April 29, 2006

The 3 B's

Finally - I am surrounded by a tidy apartment! (Well, relatively tidy - no vacuuming has been done, and my computer desk is so buried under scraps of paper that need dealing with that I can't quite get at the computer; fortunately, the laptop was nowhere near the desk when that went down. Also, the dusting isn't' done, but since that never gets done anyways, we're not going to worry too much about it.)

Anyhoodle, my brain is a little less fried by now. I managed to get some crap together to take to La Village Boutique (aka Value Village), and did a little running around while I was in that end of the city. I stopped at the craft place to get some Briggs & Little Sport for the Dye-O-Rama (because hey! I'm a joiner!), but they didn't have any. They did have some lovely, lovely Manos, but I was strong and came out with nothing. I wasn't so lucky at Chapters - I am now the proud owner of the latest by Sarah Dessen and Alisa Kwitney.

I also had the chance to take a gander through Big Girl Knits. There are some awesome patterns in there for us ladies who tend to be curvier than your average supermodel. There are some cute patterns in there, designed to flatter the three b's - boobs, belly, and butt. I do have a butt - there is junk in my trunk, of that I am certain. I also have the belly, which is an asset in bellydancing, but not so much the rest of the time. And I have the boobage, too.

Once I get through the fifteen other books I have on my wish list, I'll add this one, too.