Saturday, April 01, 2006

Some randomness

1. Today is Flash Your Stash Day! Alas, I only learned of it yesterday, so I can't sign up for it. But, I'm going to flash it anyways!

A preview of my stash

Take it off! Take it ALL off! Woo-hoo!

*Ahem*. Excuse me.... The reason all this yarn-y goodness is out in the open is because I recently got a chest of wicker drawers like Alison, so I'm going to try and reorganize it all. I have two clear plastic drawers, plus two plastic bins, and am hoping to use the bins for something else.

2. It's raining.

3. Happy Birthday to my godfather, who turned 53 on Thursday. (That's him on the right)

An hour later...

4. I should explain that the Lisa in the previous post is a classmate of mine from Library School. She's a vivacious, charming and lovely gal from Newfoundland, and you could always count on her to be the most optimistic and happy person in the room. Last summer, she married the charming and lovely (I'm sure - I haven't met him in person yet) Marcus, and early in March, they added Emma to their little family.

5. Damn, I can't remember what five was.

6. Tomorrow night Karen's having a Trivial Pursuit party. She wants to have a Girls vs. Boys matchup, but I want a Librarians vs. Everyone Else matchup. There will be three of us - Lise, Steve, and myself - against... five? six? It's an unfair competition, really - the Librarians are going to kick everyone else's arse.