Saturday, April 08, 2006

Freakin' Friday

Oh joy, another week is over!

It was a crazy week, what with being sick Tuesday, getting some great news on Wednesday, and being run ragged Thursday and the first half of Friday. So, a little retail therapy was in order.

It ended up being a mixture of girlie and geeky. I got some casual dress pants, a pair of jeans, two t-shirts and a blouse, as well as an external hard drive to back up my two computers.

When I went to get something for dinner, I was accosted by an elderly gentleman who insisted I could get the ingredients for a salad for the same price as the pre-packaged salad I was holding. He was a delightful character, to say the least.

I ended up having to make a second trip to the grocery store around 8 because I didn't have any bread. Or peanut butter. Or mineral water. Y'know, the basics. While I was there, I made the happy discovery that the local Independent (aka Zehrs aka Atlantic Superstore) is carrying the President's Choice Organics European Dark Chocolate bars. Jody did a review of them back in January, and raved about them - with good reason.

Today has been spent doing a thorough cleaning of the apartment, and wasting time. I do have a fun activity for y'all, so get your thinking caps on!