Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Is that a propeller in your pocket?

(Or are you happy to see me?)

Okay, wacky title for a ten minute post, but it's the best I can come up with at the moment.

I finished my knitting olympics project on... Saturday night? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Saturday night. The handwarmers, they are done - read more about it here.

This Friday I'm heading to Guelph to help my sister and brother-in-law move, weather permitting. I mean, for my drive down, not the move - that's going on, regardless of whether or not my sorry ass is there to help them. Anyways. My mother has already claimed me for the unpacking-and-organizing-the-kitchen team, as well as lunch crew. My job is to keep my sister fed so that she doesn't get cranky. Although, I suspect she's going to get irritated with me eventually if I keep following her around with a tray of muffins, telling her that it's been ten minutes since I last saw her eat something, and isn't it time she eat something else, and don't these muffins I made just for her look delicious?

The Olympics are almost over, which makes me a little sad. I'm a bit of a junkie now - I get up and watch for a little while before getting ready for work, then I watch when I get home from work. I'm very happy the women's hockey team won the gold medal, and I'm pretty happy with our output in general.

Wow - I didn't really accomplish much in that ten minutes, did I?