Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Love me, love my playlists

I've got two trips in the next couple of weeks, both heading south to visit family. They keep saying they miss me, so I'm going down to test that theory this weekend when I go help my sister move. Love you guys! Miss you too!

Therefore, I need tunes for the drives. I haven't downloaded much since before Christmas, so I may go all crazy and make a playlist sometime before Friday. In the meantime, I thought I'd revisit an old playlist.

This one was all about the Scissor Sisters - I think it was around this point I decided I liked them. They were campy and fun, and reminded me of the bastard offspring of The Village People, Eurasure, and The B-52's.

Take Your Mama - so much fun. Guaranteed to pull you out of your deepest funk.

Filthy/Gorgeous - vampy. Should be a song in The Rocky Horror Picture Show sequel (if there is ever to be one).

Comfortably Numb - I will confess that I don't like Pink Floyd. At all. But for some reason, I like Pink Floyd cover songs, and especially this one. I think I saw this video long before I heard of the band - I saw it not that long ago and had a moment of deja vu.

It Can't Come Quickly Enough - the song that evokes memories of Eurasure tape-of-a-tape my sister had, and we listened to often many, many years ago.

Laura - more campy fun!

Better Luck Next Time - every time this song comes up on shuffle, I always want to skip it. But then the first verse starts and I get over it.

And there are others on the playlist...

I Am Stretched Out On Your Grave (Sinead O'Connor) - haunting, but with a celtic-techno beat you can dance to!

So Pure (Alanis Morrisette) - fun video.

Bitch (Meredith Brooks) - I think every woman has a day where this song is their theme song.

Legend of a Cowgirl (Imani Coppola) - when I used to use Puretracks, I downloaded this song. When I had to format my computer, I had to burn it to a CD; when I went to put it back on my computer, it wouldn't let me because it felt I had copied it to one too many devices. Give me a break! Oh, and I quite like this song, too.

Shoop (Salt n' Peppa) - This song reminds me of a friend of mine from university. She was bubbly blond, a party animal, and perky as all hell. I hadn't really thought much of this song, but she was in the habit of singing along to it. Eventually, it got stuck in my head, and whenever I hear it, it always makes me think of her.

Take on Me (a-ha) - Okay, another song with memories attached to it. The first summer I ever went to Cape Breton, I heard this song, like, a million times. I even saw the video a few times, thanks to the satellite dish my aunt and uncle had (and it's still one of the coolest videos ever). This song will always remind me of sitting around the basement with my cousin, his best friend, another cousin from Ontario, and my sisters. (The other song we heard a lot of was "You Spin Me (Right Round)" by Dead or Alive.)

Voices Carry ('Til Tuesday) - How many other people, on first hearing this song, thought that the chorus was "This is Carrie"? Or, alternately, "This is scary"? I went through both until I finally figured out she was saying "Voices carry." And it's one of those angsty 80's songs which make me want to dig out a pair of leg warmers and a neon scrunchie to put my hair in a ponytail on the side of my head. But that's just me. And maybe Pender.

She's So High (Blur) - I like old Blur, pre-"Song 2"* days. Probably the first Blur song I heard back in grade 9, when I started listening to the cool "alternative" station. (In grade 11, when I had the bestest locker ever - mostly because I had it to myself - I had a picture of the band in my locker. It was just a small one, cut out of a copy of Seventeen someone had given me.)

OneTwoSix feat. DJ Teranova (DJ Liquid) - Okay, I have days where I like this song, and others where I think, "ugh! What was I doing when I downloaded it?" If you like the Chemical Brothers, you might like this one - it's repetitive, almost trance-like.

Hey Girl Hey Boy (Chemical Brothers) - funny, didn't I just mention them? Heh. Also trance-like, but less annoying than the previous song.

Let Forever Be (Chemical Brothers) - I like this song, but I can't remember which Gallagher brother does the vocals on this song. Is it the drunk one or the useless one?

*I actaully have a funny story about Song 2. My friend Kim had just got Napster (this is back a few years) and called to ask me what the name of the Blur song with the "woo-hoo!" was. I told her it was Song 1, and when she downloaded the song it turned out to be a Japanese version of "If You're Happy And You Know It (Clap Your Hands)". Julie eventually gave us the proper song name.