Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today is not the day to cross me

Today, I am feeling bitchy. Catty, mean, petty, full-on, hardcore bitch. I am full of piss and vinegar. I'm touchy, insensitive, sarcastic, cynical, and there's a good chance I'll disagree with whatever you tell me, argue with you just for the sake of arguing, and call you on your bullshit. Fear me, people. I'm not taking prisoners.

Which is why when Beth pointed out the lack of personal attacks on David Emerson, I was immediately incensed. Why hasn't someone from the Liberal Party paraded in front of the cameras with a basket of weasels, and said, "Look! It's Emerson's advisors!" Why hasn't anyone called him a dipstick or a whore or worse? Why was it okay to call Belinda Stronach these things, but not Emerson? Darren suggests that she shouldn't throw stones (in regards to comments she made about Emerson), which I have to respectfully disagree with. Stronach gave the Conservatives over a year before she defected, whereas the election in which Emerson was elected as a Liberal was - what? Two, three weeks ago? She tried to work with the party, and Emerson got out while the going was good.

So, I'm going to call him on it. You, David Emerson, seriously mislead your constituents. You didn't even hesitate to jump ship. You, sir, are a coward and a scoundrel.