Saturday, February 18, 2006


The week, which started on a low note and got worse as it went on, was ultimately salvaged at the end. The bright spots which made everything else a little more bearable came from a couple of places.

The first two were the arrival of a couple of parcels. The parcel from Giselle, all the way from the mostly square state, arrived on... Tuesday? Yes - Tuesday. Or wait, was it Wednesday? Anyways - it was a box of previously enjoyed (and soon-to-be-enjoyed) chicklit books, some Nerds rope (anyone else having flashbacks to childhood?) and a cute little mirror.

Parcel from Giselle

The second parcel came from my mother, and that came Thursday but I was only able to pick it up yesterday. It was the Valentine's Day cookies she hadn't told me she was sending, but were welcome all the same.

Parcel from Mom

And no, I'm not sharing. I'm sorry, but these are too special to share, let alone show you.

Thursday we had yet another snow storm. The whole province had bad weather Thursday, but our started mid-afternoon and lasted until the early morning. There's something about being home during a snow storm, knowing that you don't have to go out, and you have enough provisions at home to get through. So you spend the night just watching the falling snow and listening for the snow plows, certain that you'll have to go into work tomorrow (but secretly hoping you get snowed in, and all schools and places of business will be closed in the morning.)

When I ran out to put my Zip movies in the mailbox* I took some pictures of the accumulation from the last few storms. The one picture I forgot to take was of the crosswalk buttons on the corner; until Thursday, you had to crawl over a snow bank to get to them. Yesterday, I had to dig down about half a foot to find them. Oy.

Later in the evening, I saw flashes of light and thought there had been an accident on the street below. Then I heard the thunder, and saw a few more flashes. So - turns out we were having a thunder storm, but with snow instead of rain. Cool. I was supposed to go to bellydancing, but nearly got blown over in the parking lot, and ended up staying home and watching men's figure skating instead.

Emmanuel Sandhu did about as well as I expected - the less I say, the better. Shawn Sawyer was solid, and had a good skate. And big, giant kudos to Sudbury boy Jeff Buttle, who won the bronze medal! His reaction to the results were priceless, and I'm quite happy he won. (A little part of me was also rooting for Johnny Weir, who ended up in 5th - kid, you had me at the orange glove named "Camile". Better luck next time!)

Even though the sun is shining out there today, it's a positively frosty -17C out there. I'll be spending the afternoon working on my knitting Olympics project (which is about 65% done - here's a photo of the finished half; more pictures later on.) Speaking of which - the knitting Olympics have been getting a lot of attention recently. Last night there was a piece on The National on CBC about it, and there was a segment on Fresh Air (on CBC Radio 1) this morning. There have been other sightings, so go us!

And I also made chocolate ice cream, with Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa bars. That I'll share with you.

*Verdict: The Good Girl: D-; Bubble Boy: B+