Friday, August 27, 2004

The bitch is back

Could I have picked a worse day to oversleep and wake up with a headache and nausea? Today was my four-month review, and dashing in five minutes late wasn't how I wanted to start the day. The review went well - I'm not as flaky as I think I am, and there were only two suggestions about my work so far. And I got laughed at because I was freaking out about being slightly late - I stayed a little later to make up for it.

Generally, the last two days I've been in a foul mood. Yesterday I snapped (sort of) at one of my co-workers. I wasn't really mad, I just didn't want to reorganize the back office because I had stuff to do. So I was grumpy most of the day, and because I was tired most of today, I was still slightly grumpy. The couple behind me at the grocery store tonight almost felt the full force of my wrath - who the jeezly hell cares when egg salad officially becomes egg salad? The sounded like teenagers - "Well, I asked Jackie, and she said it was when you put it on the bread!" "Jackie told me it was when you added the mayo!" OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Shut up both of you! And tell your kids that the next one to whine about potato salad vs. coleslaw is going to be banished to a realm where all there is to eat is potato salad and coleslaw!

So tonight is for staying in and taking out my frustrations on Wicked. Less than 100 pages to go - woo-hoo.