Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Curse of the Online Book Retailer

I think that and Chapters Indigo are conspiring to deny me my reading and viewing material.

This past May, I ordered two books from - Keeping Current, by Steven M. Cohen (it's a book about the Internet for Librarians), and The Value of X, by Poppy Z. Brite. Both are published by American publishers, and aren't readily available in Canada, so I expected a delay. I received the Cohen book in July, and it's excellent - it currently has a place of honour on my bookcase beside my desk.

Value of X? I got another email from earlier this week telling me it had been delayed another 4-6 weeks, which puts the new delivery day sometime in the month of September. It's been delayed four times now, and I'm getting antsy. Every so often, I check the publisher's page, and the preorder is sold out. I have no clue what the delay is, and I'm afraid that they're going to come back in September and tell me they can't get it and I'll be SOL.

Last week, I ordered two DVD box sets from Chapters - what the hell, they were 50% off. Futurama arrived Monday, to my delight. Firefly? Temporarily out of stock, but they will be re-ordering more copies.

*sigh* I'm not disappointed or upset with either retailer, because other things I've ordered came at nearly lightning speed. Futurama took three days, and Brite's Drawing Blood (I've named my African Violet Natty Boho, after the beer featured in the book) took five. But it just seems like there's a little grey fog around some of my orders recently.