Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Watch out for the drop clothes and the wet paint!

As you may have noticed, this site is under constant construction. At least for now. I FINALLY figured out how to add a third column and put it on the left had side. And format it using CSS. Go me! Coming soon - blog links! (I've spent the better part of the evening assembling them; tomorrow comes the fun task of setting them up on the page.)

I had to frog (knitspeak for unravel) the QaF socks last night. I found a couple of errors in earlier rows, which really stood out. Besides, I had somehow ended up with an extra stitch on two needles, and it was messing up the ribbing. Bah! Tomorrow I finish work early, and I am going to the LYS (knitspeak for "local yarn store") to pick up some longer circular needles for the poncho, and some yarn to make a hat for a sick friend.

After work today, I rushed to the library to pick up a book I had ordered through interlibrary loan, because it was showing up as in on my record. However, when I arrived 10 minutes before closing, I was told that the book was not actually in and I'd be called when it did finally come in. Nuts. I've been looking forward to reading it since May (Tanya Huff's The Fifth Quarter).