Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is she dead yet? Nope - here she is!

1. Although I was lucky enough to have internet access in North Bay, I wasn't so lucky in Timmins. I was also unlucky enough to time my arrival at my hotel with a power outage caused by a lightning strike. Eegads!

Other than that, the trip was good. I'll have more details once I get the pictures uploaded, which may not be until next week. I'll leave you with these images: a giant cow, a giant truck, and mysterious moose.

2. So gay marriage is now a reality in Canada. Go us! I have many insightful things to say about the columnist in the National Post the other day who was writing against gay marriage. Except that I can't remember his name or what I did with the paper - he was a priest, though.

3. Everyone who read the Toronto Star on Monday may have seen the article about the cuts to library funding in Ontario. I know - most people can barely remember what they had for supper last night and now I'm asking you to think back to Monday and to an article you may not have seen. (However, if you saw the picture of the guys in speedos from the Toronto Gay Pride Parade, the article about library funding was next to it.)

I work for one of the two organizations that just had our funding slashed drastically, so it's been a really tough month for us. We work with public libraries in Northern Ontario, which are mostly rural and/or remote and who rely on us for support. Now, it's going to be even more difficult for them to offer services to their library users, and it's going to be more difficult for us to help them. If you live in Ontario and want to tell your MPP how important library services are to you, you can find their contact information here (by riding, or here by last name). If you live in another province or country, make sure your elected official knows how much you value library services in your area.

4. Tomorrow is Canada Day, so go out and hug a Canadian!

5. Our book club finally met last weekend and got around to talking about The Eyre Affair (after oohing and aahing over our newest member, Samantha. She's the reason we haven't met since early spring, but oh what a sweet little excuse!). I've posted our new book on the left, and will post our review of the book at some point.