Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More about those freakin' spiders

So I'm walking across the parking lot of the Future Shop after work tonight, after having unsuccessfully tried to procure an iPod power adapter for Gretchen, my mini iPod. I had moved past the disappointment that they didn't have any and had started thinking about my topic du jour - huntsman spiders (I am not linking to any pictures or anything that has anything to do with them. I've been freaked out by them enough today.)

This would be the moment a pebble decides to lodge itself into my sandal. The rational part of me, the part that knows that there is a pebble in my shoe and it is only a pebble, immediately gets run over by the highly irrational part of me which is sure that there is now a huge grey spider on my foot and it is going to eat me.

I do the little dance and shriek a little, just to make the irrational part of me happy. Meanwhile, the rational part of me has picked itself up off the ground and is trying to get all my systems back online and make sure that no one has witnessed this little display of dorktitude, because there is a part of me that would have had to make sure no one lived to tell about what they saw.

(And this is where my sister would roll her eyes, and say,"She is such a spaz." And at that moment, she would have been right.)