Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What could possibly be worse than bats at bedtime?

(Sorry Julie)

Me: I'm standing in front of my desk because I followed a link on someone else's blog and saw a picture of a huntsman spider, and now I'm afraid there's one under my desk.
Karen: Um, this is Northern Ontario. There are no huntsman spiders up here.
Me: I know! But it's the idea that there are huntsman spiders at all! They're freaky! They're not natural! Two legs good, four legs good, eight legs - WRONG!
Karen: They must serve some purpose. Like, if they eat mosquitoes, I'm all for them.
Me: Mosquitoes? Those things could eat small birds! [I don't know this for certain, and I don't want to know if they actually can.]
Karen: Still - they're good for something.
Me: Are you defending huntsman spiders while I'm here having an attack of the heebie-jeebies?
Karen: Well, think of something else, then!
Me: I know! I'll go out on my balcony and look down to reset my fear button! I'll go from "Spiders! Spiders! Spiders!" to "Heights! Heights! Heights!"
Karen: [Laughter]
Me: Are you laughing at my perfectly rational fears?
Karen: No, but you should blog this conversation.

And so, I did.