Saturday, June 04, 2005

Macaroni salad and ice cream cake

Yesterday when I stopped at the grocery store after work to pick up some last-minute things for Kris's party, there was a guy with a hairpiece so heinous and awful that I almost said something. As it was, I had difficulty not snickering when he passed. (It was *that* bad! It looked like it was made with the stuff they make Barbie's hair with, which mats and gets tangled after a few washings.)

When I got home from work and groceries, there was a young man standing in the lobby of my building. He was wearing a tux and looked quite spiffy, so I asked if it was prom night. I told him he looked very handsome (the kid was about 17, and no, I'm not robbing the cradle!) and the woman waiting to get into the building behind me nodded in agreement and told him to have fun.

Kris and Karen were going to Manitoulin Island for the day, but expected to be back around 5:30 or so. Which was going to be a problem because I would have barely enough time to get home from work and make the salad before having to leave for the party. Fortunately, they were late, so I had plenty of time to make the salad, unwind, and chat with my mother (I was having a bad week).

As well, I had time to make an overly ambitious playlist to put on my iPod - 87 songs is a lot, especially if not all of them are suitable for the same playlist (Macy Gray and Motley Crue? Nuh-uh.) I'm going to clean it up because it's got some good stuff on it, most notably an amazing cover of "Baby One More Time" by the lead singer of the Crash Test Dummies.

The party itself was a blast. It was relaxed and easygoing, and there was lots of laughing and carrying on. The cake was an ice cream cake which needed to be thawed for about an hour* before we could actually cut the damn thing.

So, happy birthday to Kris and Jeff!

*Actual thawing time was probably less than that, but when you want cake and you can't cut it, it feels like longer.