Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tonight's forecast: Cloudy, with a chance of raining men

It's been a funny ol' day today.

Got up late and went for groceries. I can't be certain, but I think the guy in the seafood department was hitting on me. Because, y'know, I looked so hot with my greasy hair and bandana, grubby jeans and scruffy mules. I'm surprised he didn't ask me out then and there. H-O-T.

Better yet, when I checked out, the clerk was the same one from this incident. She was grumpy today, and barely looked at me. AND she didn't give me the bag that had my milk and cranberry juice! Grr....

Karen and I went cruising this afternoon. We went to a store that sells beads and embellishment for powwow dresses to see what we could find for bellydancing costumes. Strangely, they had the kind of coins that are used on my two hip scarves - it's not the first place I would have thought they were available. But I got a bag, because I have Plans to make my own hip scarf. I can crochet, I can (sort of) bead - I should be okay.

Friday morning, Karen's friend Kris was in the office when I got there, and told me, "You're coming out with us tomorrow night." It wasn't a question - it was a statement, so I've been mentally prepping myself for the big girl's night out. I'm psyched, but hungry, so I should go eat something and get ready.

If you're at Coyote's tonight, I'll be the dorky one complaining that it's past my bedtime and I want to go home at 11:30.

Just kidding. Maybe.