Thursday, April 21, 2005

WIPs: April

Wow - for the first time in months, I actually have works in progress to post about!

The scarf I was making with Lion's Brand Incredible (I can't remember the name of the colour and have lost the wrappers - something to do with autumn. Autumn Leaves?) is finally finished. It was started waaaay back before Christmas sometime, but it quickly became a project to work on when I was bored with other things. It's long and narrow, and is more an accent piece than something that will be warm in the winter.

Also with the Incredible (City Lights - I had two balls of each colour), I've started Marnie's Flamenco wrap, with the intention of turning it into a belly dancing costume piece. Except that two balls of the Incredible was nowhere near enough, and I can't get any around here. Maybe at Wal-Mart, but I don't remember seeing any last time I was there. Originally, the yarn was purchased at Michael's in Barrie, so I either have to wait for the Michael's here to open, or wait until the next time I go home and stop in Barrie.

My dad's socks are almost finished - I just need to finish the toe on the second sock, weave in the ends, and it's done. I'm using Briggs & Little - there's enough remaining from the two balls that I can practice Kool-Aid dyeing on the leftovers.

I also started a pair of socks with some self-striping yarn from Schoeller and Stahl, called Big Mexiko. For the pattern, I'm using Wendy's toe-up sock pattern, which is fabulous and easy. Except, I have big feet, and I think I'm going to run out of yarn before I finish turning the heel. So what I'm planning on doing is frogging what I have done now (damn!), and restarting, but using some of the leftover Briggs & Little for the toe and the heel, and see how that works. Otherwise, one of my sisters or my cousin will be getting a new pair of socks. Lucky them!

And since my costume for the recital can be considered a work in progress, here are how things are going with that:

Skirt - basically finished. The hem is turned, and it looks uneven as hell, but that's the quirk of circle skirts. Since no one is going to get close enough to notice, and I'll be moving too much for it to be obvious, it doesn't really matter. All I need to do is put the embellishments - namely, sequins - on, and I can call it done.

Gold belt - also basically finished. It just needs clasps and closures, and for me to sew the gold braid around the top, and it will also be finished. Mad props to Karen's friend and classmate for helping me with the fitting and creation of the belt pattern, and for helping me hem the skirt and letting me use her serger. You rawk!

Gold bra - no progress on this. I would have worked on it this afternoon if I hadn't tidied, dusted, vacuumed, washed dishes, and made cookies.

And thus ends my WIP update for April.