Sunday, April 24, 2005

Waiter, I didn't ask for an order of Spring with a side dish of ice pellets!

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture my mother sent me of what the weather was doing in her neck of the woods. I called her back, bragging about the double-digit temperatures I was experiencing in my neck of the woods.

Now, it would seem that the tables are turned. It's not much warmer down there, but it is currently snowing, and there are ice pellets mixed in with the snow. It doesn't make for a pleasant walking experience. I had to return some videos to Blockbuster, and got hit in the eye with ice twice.

It's worse today than it was yesterday. Yesterday, it was merely windy and cold. Karen came over for what has become our weekly stitch n' bitch session as we frantically try to finish the hand sewing on our costumes (she's almost finished her gold belt! I've started putting the strings of sequins on my skirt!). Later, when we went over to Kris's for a barbecue (Karen was invited; I invited myself), it was snowing - big, fat, fluffy flakes. Which kept up until after midnight.

I'm having trouble accepting that it was over 20 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, and now this.