Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A change of scenery

At some point yesterday, perhaps when I was caught in construction-based traffic between North Bay and home, I decided that I wanted to rearrange the furniture in my apartment. Mostly, I was just bored with the way things were. So I got home, drew a scale model of my apartment, and cut out pieces to represent the major pieces of furniture - the futon (it's my couch/spare bed - the bedroom isn't being included in the rearranging at this time), the TV stand, two bookcases (one short one for photograph boxes, CDs, and other media things; the other a tall one with my reference materials), my desk, the pedestal my printer is on, and the dining room table.

However, there were some provisos:
  1. The computer, TV, and radio could no longer be plugged into the same outlet. Using a series of extention cords and power bars, they've been plugged into the outlet on the one wall since last July. So far, no problems, but I don't want to tempt Fate.
  2. I bought a rug for the express purpose of being able to run the cable cord across to the opposite wall without it being exposed. So either the TV can move or the computer can move. It's not like I can run the cable around doorways because there aren't any in the living/dining/work areas. Plus, I don't have a cable that long.
  3. The dining room table stays where it is. I like that area designated as the "dining room" because it's very close to the kitchen and gets lots of light.
  4. There's one outlet on one of the walls that is controlled by a light switch by my door. It's the most annoying outlet because I either have to leave it on all the time, or get up and switch it on/off to control the light. Until now, I've had a lamp plugged in there, but it's going to be moved. I'm thinking I'll stop at Ikea on my way home in two weeks and get some light fixtures to go above the couch.
  5. I have a painting that needs to be hung. It's three ships on red velvet*, and it doesn't weigh much.
So far, so good. The futon is where I want it, and the rug fits nicely. The CDs don't all fit in the racks I bought, but the spill-over can go back on the bookcase where the DVDs and tapes will now live.

My question is, how do you decide to rearrange your furniture? Do you have a plan or do you make it up as you go? What advice/tips & tricks can you share?

* Shut up. It's kitschy and I like it!