Monday, August 29, 2005

Ten minute love post

I don't really have anything to say tonight, but I feel like I should leave you with something. Hence, another ten minute post! (I did this once before already.)

Let's see... a picture!

Actually, the picture I was going to post doesn't seem to be on my hard drive. It's on a CD, but the CD is in a box on a bookcase, and I am simply too lazy to go find it.

But wait!

My feet

Here's a picture of my feet! I'm wearing flip-flops, which I don't normally do. Mostly I just wear them around my apartment because they have nice squishy soles. But because I'm a klutz, I usually end up slipping because they don't have very good soles.

And that's 10. Most of the time was spent looking for a pic. I'll try to have something ready ahead of time next time.