Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina II

Dear God,

At first, I though maybe you hadn't seen my previous post about New Orleans, but then I realized you probably had, and were thinking, "Um, I'm trying to save LIVES here, duh!" Naturally, my response is, "Oh. Right. Sorry - keep up the good work!" I mean, houses and buildings are just things, but lives are important. And not just now, but in the near future as well, when people start returning to the city and finding their homes are ruined. They are going to be pretty emotionally devastated, and are going to need You more than ever. My cousin and his family got out safely, as did many others, and that's what's really important. So, ignore what I said earlier.

But, I should also give You a heads up, because I know what else is coming. See, I'm good at anticipating things. Things like sunrise and sunset, and what happens when mommy and daddy love each other very much. Also things like spring will follow winter, which follows autumn, which follows summer, which - surprise! - is followed by spring. What did I tell You? This stuff is easy!

Something else I anticipate - stupid religious wingnut idiots saying that You did this to punish the city for its sinful and wicked ways, to punish Americans for being sinful and wicked, and to drive home the point that if we don't mend our sinful and wicked ways, this is going to happen to us eventually, too.

Frankly? I'd rather live in sin that live in fear that if I don't do everything they tell me You told me to do I'd be punished. Because - honestly? - I think You have better things to worry about right now. When parents go around beating their children for every little offence, it's considered child abuse, and I think that if you love us enough to give us things like rainbows and laughter and love, You're not the type to go around hitting us if we don't fall into ideological lockstep with the bullies. Just a guess, though.

(This isn't to say that there won't be amazing acts of generosity and selflessness done in Your name too. And I'm sure that there are quite a few people who'll park their personal feelings at the door and deal with the victims as human beings who are hurt in ways they can't imagine. Those are the ones I'd rather associate with.)

Anyways, thanks again and keep looking after them!
r. :)