Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's like having a new apartment, but not really

Okay, so the only pictures I got around to posting are the ones of my newly rearranged apartment. Thanks to Marylynn for the advice, which is what I eventually did - left everything in piles and went to bed, and did the sorting in the morning. It still took all day and a minimal amount of swearing, but everything is where it belongs.

From the corner towards the doorway to the hallway

This is the best overview of the whole thing. The bookcase you can sort of see is the only one I didn't take apart, since it's all paperbacks.

From the doorway to the hall towards the Dinning Room

This is the view from the other direction.

Towards the Dinning Room

These are the two bookshelves that gave me the most grief. If you go to the actual photo, you can see what's on the shelves.

Towards the computer

Last pic!