Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blog Relief Day

I spent much of Tuesday evening watching Katrina coverage on CNN and CTV Newsworld, and would have spent Wednesday evening doing the same thing if I hadn't gone to the movies (which is probably a good thing). I've anxiously watched for updates on various blogs, and have followed the updates on the Times-Picayune and WWLT blogs with growing horror and sorrow. I've heard and seen comparisons to 9/11 and the Asian tsunami, and while I have issues with both, I understand that at the root of these comparisons, it's the scale of loss and destruction which prompts them.

But I want to do something besides sitting here and whimpering and moaning and wringing my hands about this.

This afternoon on Joey deVilla's blog, he posted about the Katrina Blog Relief Day being organized by other bloggers, to encourage our readers to donate to charities who are helping out in the relief efforts. I've signed up my little soapbox to participate in this exercise (you can see a list of who's participating here), and will be supporting the American Red Cross (the Canadian Red Cross isn't an option, but you could donate to them as well).

Instapundit has a round-up post. Truth Laid Bear is responsible for the signup.
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