Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever had one of those days? By which I mean one of those days where you get home from work and read and putter around for a while before deciding to go out and run some errands? Like, returning books to the library and paying some fines (shut up! Librarians have to pay fines too! Especially if they don't work at the library in question!) and returning some videos to Blockbuster? And all afternoon you've had a low-level headache that blossoms into sinus-throbbing pain as your leaving your apartment? So when you leave the library to start heading back, you look up and see the gathering storm clouds, which explain the headache?

Then, you stop at Shopper's Drug Mart to get shampoo and hair product so you don't have any more lame excuses to skip blowdrying your hair and putting it in a ponytail in the morning, then go to Subway to get something to eat because you were too lazy to take anything out of the freezer or stop at the grocery store after work? (But, you couldn't have stopped at the grocery store after work anyways because you had to go to the garage next door to your office to get the rear passenger-side tire patched, because it's been going flat for like a week and a half, and your office partner keeps asking you every morning if you finally got it fixed, because you sort of asked him to do that to make you feel guilty about not doing it sooner.)

Is any of this ringing a bell yet? No? Okay...

So, after leaving Subway you notice it's starting to rain lightly, and you still have a ten minute walk home, and your library books are in a cloth bag and might get damp if it starts to rain any heavier? And, of course, then it does? Then it starts to rain even more, and then there's lightening and thunder, and you start to dash, but the bag of books, hair product, and Subway meal is kind of heavy and it slows you down? Finally, you make it back to your apartment and start cursing whoever the hell it was that said people who wear glasses are lucky because when it rains, you see stars (because what actually happens is that you can't see a bloody thing and end up walking into doors. So in a way, you actually do see stars, but not in the way they meant.)

And so, after the mad dash in the rain (and cursing the jackass who once told you that kissing in the rain was the most romantic thing ever because you're single and don't want to be thinking about that right now - PMS and all that rot) you change into your pj's to eat and settle in watch the season premier of "Lost", which, of course, is going to keep you awake all night waiting for creepy visions of a dripping wet child to appear next to your bed whispering warnings?

Then you flip over to CNN and see that there's another f***ing hurricane heading towards the Gulf of Mexico and it makes Katrina look like the Tooth Fairy, and you start freaking out all over again? And you think that maybe the American public should use this as an opportunity for Mother Nature to have a say in Bush's presidency thus far - strap him to a post on the south side of Galveston and if he survives, then he can go back to being the President for the remainder of his term? And if not - well, Karma's a bitch, to be sure.

Then you look down and see you got something orange on your shirt, and think, "When the hell did that happen?"

Or is that just me?