Sunday, September 18, 2005

Just your typical Saturday

Starts with: going to the market, going for groceries, going to Canadian Tire to see if I can score any more clay pots and potting soil, going home.

At home: clean kitchen, clean bathroom, clean laundry, clean room, clean self.

This afternoon: Karen comes over and we spend the afternoon watching Vin Diesel movies (Fast and the Furious, xXx, and The Chronicles of Riddick) and doing crafts (me=knitting; Karen=beadwork). It is officially dubbed "VD Day".

Tonight: after the movies, Karen and I go our separate ways to get dolled up. We meet back up, and head out to Zig's* to meet Kris and several other friends. We dance, we boogie, we shake our grove thangs. Last call is announced**, and we head out for greasy burgers. I drop Karen off, come home, and write this. Now, I go to bed.

*Because I'm too tired and having trouble typing, I'm not going to try and look up the entry about the last time I went to Zig's, which for everyone just joining this blog in progress, is Sudbury's one and only gay bar.

**How sad a comment on our society is this? At 2AM, when the other bars in the downtown area are clearing out, Zig's locks its doors, and no one is allowed in or out. It's to protect the patrons from being attacked or harassed. It makes me want to put a curse on the three drunk guys at the fast food place who were harassing the counter girls and everyone else.