Thursday, September 08, 2005

Third floor, housewares. Fourth floor, getting taken down by old ladies

I got on the elevator this afternoon with an elderly woman. She couldn't get the doors to close properly - it's an ongoing thing. You need to hold the button for the floor until the doors close. Everyone in the building knows this. I explained this to her as the doors partially closed and opened a third time.

"My! They should get this looked at!" Indeed, they should. And have. And it still doesn't work.

We exited on the same floor. Or, should I say, I started to exit, being the closest to the door. However, my new elevator friend almost ran into me in her haste to exit. Being the nice person that I am, I stepped back and let her pass. She looked up, and feigned surprise. "Oh, thank you!" Oh, she saw me alright, and was going to get out of that elevator first if she had to trample my bleeding, crumpled body to do so.

I so want to be that woman when I'm in my 70's.