Saturday, September 24, 2005

It's officially Fall

As usual, I went to the market this morning. What makes this mention-worthy is that I remembered to bring my camera with me. Oh, and it was the annual Fall Festival today. If I'd only remembered my cloth bags, I would have been all set. Anyways...

And the band played on

They were pretty good. Wish I knew who they were.


This lovely couple danced to the music, much to everyone's delight.

Blue skies over Sudbury

To quote Big Rude Jake, "the sky was clear and Aqua Velva blue..."


Not everyone has pumpkins yet - it's still a little early for that.

Colour riot

Such lovely plants! I almost want to have a front step to put them on.

Mums, up close

More mums.

Niagara grapes

Ahhhh... Niagara grapes. The scent reminds me of driving past the vineyards on my way to school when I was in university.


This is inside, looking at the pottery display.

Of course, there are more, so you should go look at the whole set.