Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday night

Things I have done this weekend:

1. Finished knitting a pair of socks.

Finished socks

If you are looking at them and thinking that the sock on the left is a little brighter than the sock on the right, you are correct. The sock on the right is the one that I knit and frogged at least four times. I don't know if that affected the colour, but I did notice as I knit the second sock that the colour was a little brighter.

If you are looking at them and thinking, "Why hasn't she woven in the ends yet?" - I'll get around to it when I find my darning needles.

I can't give you details about the yarn because I lost the bands somewhere. Sorry.

I also started work on another sock.

New sock

This is Fleece Artist Merino - it's their basic sock kit. It's a lovely colour and has a lovely feel, but it's skinny yarn. I have to use 2.75mm needles (translation: tiny), and am using five of them (so, the stitches are divided over four needles, and the fifth is for knitting). I'm not sure they're going to even fit me because I have really wide feet, and this doesn't look like it's going to make it over my heel.

2. Did laundry. At 12:30am.

The laundry room in my building is open 24 hours, and I was sick of tripping over piles of laundry, and I wasn't tired (yet). But it's done - yay!

3. Bought more yarn.

New yarn

It's all Briggs & Little. The white is sport weight (translation: more skinny yarn) and the red - and it's a rich, wonderful shade of red - is called "Tuffy", and is really good for mittens and socks. Except that wool socks are too warm for me, so it's likely to become mittens, scarves, and hats.

4. Bought a laptop.

I don't have it yet - it should be delievered on Thursday.