Monday, September 12, 2005

In a surprise move...

...I think I'm just going to read my book tonight. I had to return the other two that were sitting on the sidebar for the longest time to the library. It's not that I'm not enjoying Blink (because I am), but rather that I haven't actually made a conscious decision to turn off the television and the computer and just read.

Part of it is reader's block, and not the kind you get when you've read something so fantastically good you can't bear to have the images and ideas bouncing around in your head replaced by something possibly less worthy. No, this is the kind where you're in the middle of one book, and you're liking it and it's making you think, but what you really want to be doing is reading something else.

I have two stacks of books that I'm looking at with longing right now. The first is a pile of chick lit novels I picked up on my travels this summer when I thought I was going to run out of reading materials in the wilds of Dryden and Timmins. The second is my stack of Poppy Z. Brite novels, especially the ones set in and around New Orleans, even thought I just read them back in March (some for the second time in months). I just want to revisit the character and the places, some of which are under many feet of water now.

Anyways, I'll probably finish it up tonight, but it's slow going as I'm trying to make notes as I go along.