Sunday, September 26, 2004

I want me a pair of fingerless gloves!

Well, this weekend was a bust - for the most part. Both mornings I got up late, and then spent too long trying to get into gear. Yesterday I decided I needed to make fingerless gloves with the Wendy Velvet that I got when I went home. However, I have now spent the better part of the weekend trying to find an acceptable needle size and swatching - the pattern calls for 3.5mm (which I didn't have and had to buy at Zellers), but I've also swatched with 4mm and 4.5mm, which are the needle size recommended for with the yarn. The yarn also has very little give to it, so instead of a garter cuff (which I don't really like anyways), I'll use a ribbed cuff. I also thought about adding a cable or some other decorative feature to the back of the glove, but it's hard enough to count the rows with this yarn, let alone pick out decorative features. I have a lightweight dark grey acrylic yarn to play with, so we'll see how things go with these and then try it out with that yarn.

Why the sudden interest in fingerless gloves? I've decided that I want a pair for my NaNoWriMo attempt, and the lovely varigated Velvet was an excellent candidate. (I've also decided that I want the QaF socks for a bellydance/flamenco workshop I'm attending in November. Oh yeah - so not going to happen!)

Other than that, a pretty slow weekend.