Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Recap of the Road Trip Home

3:30PM - Leave work
3:41PM - Get home; check mailbox. Hey! There's a parcel pickup notice. Maybe it's the book I ordered months ago finally come in!
4:30PM - Finally get everything down to my car and I'm ready to go. I'll stop at the post office and get the parcel.
4:37PM - Oh goodie! It's from Amazon.ca!
4:37:05PM - Wait, I haven't ordered any DVDs lately...
4:37:08PM - Awwww! Thanks Mom! (She knew I was having a lousy week last week, so she order a few DVDs from my wish list for me)
4:40PM - Alright! I'm on the road again! The tunes are blasting, the windows are down, and I'm cruising!
4:41PM - I'm bored now.
4:42PM (and every 5 minutes for the next 5.5 hours) - Am I there yet? How much farther? How much longer is this going to take?
6:32PM - Mmmmmm... Danish! And coffee!
8:32PM - Mmmmmm.... small fries from Wendy's!
9:34PM - Woooo! I'm off the 407! The QEW is in sight! Only 40 minutes to go!
9:37PM - Wait - do I take North Shore Boulevard or Eastport Drive? (I'm afraid of heights, so I go under the Burlington Skyway, as opposed to over it).
9:37:02PM - North Shore, I think.
9:37:03PM (as I get on the off ramp) - &%#*! I wanted Eastport!
9:44PM - Do I turn at this light or the next light? I'll turn here
9:44:02PM - I &%#*ing wanted the next light!
9:47PM - GRrrrrr....
9:49PM - Oh yes it is.... (*sob*)
9:58PM - FINALLY! Back on the QEW...
10:33PM - Hello family! I'm home!